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Norwegian salmon price

The latest feed-update from SjømatNorge shows that feeding YTD is unchanged!! Even more insteresting is that feeding is sharply down in the recent weeks – normally a sign of limited volumes and good prices in the short- to medium term. 

As the graph shows, the feeding in May and June has been much below last year.

Lower temperatures means lower feeding

According to Sjømat Norge, feed sales are unchanged in 2015, in spite of a higher biomass during most of the year. However, May and June have been cold months,  with a striking effect on feeding.

The most recent observations suggest that temperatures have been more than 1 degrees below the normal.

As a rule of thumb, 1 degree change in temperatures increases the relative the growth with 1.5% per month. On a biomass of 600,000 tonnes, a one degree change would imply a 9,000 tonnes production gain (1 degree x 1.5% x 600,000).

Feed sales volume in Norway are published on a monthly basis from both Kontali and SjømatNorge. Sometimes, weekly feed sales data are also made available via the publication Akvafakta which is released every Tuesday.

Remember that Marine Harvest and Bakkafrost are partly self-supplied with own feed. SalMar, Cermaq, Grieg Seafood, Lerøy Seafood, Norway Royal Salmon and Scottish Salmon Company buys feed from external suppliers, i.e. EWOS, Skretting or Biomar.