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Highlights Week 27

While the price of a salmon fillet has trended down in France, the same product is selling close to a year-high in Germany and Spain.

The price consumers in EU have to pay for salmon has come up 11% so far in 2015 (and 16% from the bottom in late May), as illustrated in the above chart.

Then, over to each of the three large consumer markets, France, Germany and Spain…

In France a salmon fillet costs around 13 EUR per kg this week, which is down 1 EUR compared to last week. Chicken and pork fillets cost 8 EUR and 10 EUR per kg. A cod fillet is sold at 15 EUR per kg this week.

In Germany, the price of a salmon fillet is up 3  EUR to 17 EUR per kg. Note that pork and chicken are relatively cheap proteins in Germany with a price of 6-7 EUR per kg.



Spanish supermarkets are mainly promoting salmon chops and the price has come down 2 EUR to 7 EUR per kg this week. A salmon fillet is high priced compared to other proteins.



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50% of salmon in Europe is sold through retail

In the EU, more than half of the Atlantic salmon supply is sold through retailers, like Carrefour, Netto, Aldi and Lidl. It is popular with retailers as it is produced in a controlled environment and is stable in supply throughout the year. Of the different products, fillets have a largest market share of close to 50%, followed by smoked. In Europe, France and Germany are the largest markets.

Compared to other major food sources containing animal protein, salmon has become relatively cheaper during the last decades, but as the above charts show it is still a rather expensive product in the shelves.