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Seawater temperatures

Nasdaq Salmon Index has published the price for week 26. It was 38.5 NOK per kg – which is 1-2 NOK lower than previously reported. Hence, prices will kick off July with a 2-3 NOK drop to 36+ NOK per kg. Fish Pool forward prices for July of 39 NOK per kg seem to be on the optimistic side.

Fresh reports from iLaks and Intrafish indicate salmon prices around 36+ NOK per kg this week, which is down 2-3 NOK compared to last week.

The most recent update from Fish Pool suggest that prices will stay around 39 NOK in July, which now seems a bit too optimistic.

These are the main reasons for the slightly lower salmon prices:
  • There has been a lot of surplus fish in the market this week, difficult to sell and creating a downward pressure.
  • There is a large share of small-sized fish in the market with a low price. This has forced the price of the larger fish down as well.

Remember that EUR is the most important currency for Norwegian salmon prices. Over the past week, the EUR/NOK  has been stable around 8.75 (8.75 last week), which is neutral.


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