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Standing salmon biomass

It has been one of the coldest Junes and Julys in history, which has resulted in lower feeding and production. Subseqently, this could give lower harvest volumes and good prices.  Chances are also that the biological pressure will ease in South Norway, compared to 2014, which is positive for costs.

Fresh data from Lusedata.no shows that average water temperatures in Norway in week 26  was 10.1 degrees, up 0.6 degrees from last week.

Hence, June 2015 will end up as one of the coldest Junes ever seen (looking at the period 2008-15)

All regions have temperatures between 8-11 degrees, which are generally good growth conditions, but temperatures accross Norway are generally below last year (except Nordland).

In parts of South Norway, waters are 1-2 degrees below last year. In Central and West Norway, temperatures are 0-1 degrees below last year.


Main conclusion on water temperatures:

  • At 10.1 degrees, average temperatures are 0.3 degrees below the normal and 0.5 degrees below last year.
  • Although the winter was very warm, all regions except Finnmark, are now cooler than last year. Still, current temperatures provide good growth conditions for the salmon in most of Norway.
  • As a rule of thumb, 1.0 cooler waters results in a relative productivity loss of 10,000t per month (1% of annual Norwegian output).
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