seawater temperatures

Seawater temperatures in Norway

When discussing salmon supply, feeding and biomass, I find it useful to give attention to the seawater temperatures. Temperatures can be linked to feed sales. Feed sales can be linked to growth, seawater production and biomass.

Seawater temperatures are provided on a weekly basis by Below we show how temperatures have develped YTD and how they compare with historical averages and 2014.

Productivity gains from high seawater temperatures

As a rule of thumb, 1 degree change in temperatures increases the relative the growth with 1.5% per month. On a biomass of 600,000 tonnes, a one degree change would imply a 9,000 tonnes production gain (1 degree x 1.5% x 600,000 tonnes).

And as seen next, seawater temperatures in Norway vary much from year to year and from season to season.

These are the current temperatures in the main regions compared with last year. 6-15 degrees are generally good growth conditions.

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