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Salmon vaccine sales in Norway

Salmon vaccine sales and smolt release are correlated and good indicators on long term harvest as it takes up to 2 years from smolt release to harvest.

Pharmaq releases monthly salmon vaccine sales around the 10th in each month.


Since salmon vaccine sales on a monthly basis can be jumpy, I believe it is equally important to look at the accumulated vaccine sales (the calendar year runs from September to August).

Smolt release is one of the important indicators on future harvest quantities as it takes up to 2 years from the smolt is transferred to the sea before the fish is harvested.


A smolt is produced over a 6-12 months period from the eggs are fertilised to a mature smolt with weight of 60-100 grams. Recently, farmers have begun to produce and release smolts that are larger than 100 grams, allowing for earlier release and reducing the time in the sea

Remember, though, that depending on issues like seawater temperatures and access to large-sized smolts (considered to be more robust), farmers can choose to postpone or push forward smolt release by 1-2 months.

Check out the cool and detailed charts on salmon vaccine sale and smolt release by clicking on this link.

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