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Spot and forward prices

The high volatility in salmon prices draws high attention every week. The below chart shows the Norwegian salmon spot price.

The first media reports regarding the salmon prices are normally published by iLaks and Intrafish every Friday around 12.00CET. Details on actual price is made public (NASDAQ and SjømatNorge)  every Tuesday, but with a 1.5 week time lag

Averaging out,  we arrive at the following salmon prices.


The average salmon price is one thing, but there is also a difference between weights, as illustrated next. The chart shows how the price difference between 5-6kg and 3-4kg fish.

Fish Pool forward salmon price expectation

Looking beyond the near-term prices, the Fish Pool forward prices is commonly used as an indicator of future prices. We show how the full year contracts have developed.



20 thoughts on “Spot and forward prices”

  1. interested to know how you calculate a spot price ( based on info from where ? and how immediate is that )……………. would be wonderful if buying could be so immediate and transparent

  2. An interesting blog thanks for all this info.
    I notice that if you look at the year 2014 and we assume that the forecast of 38Nok is approximately right for next week, then the year shows a consistent downward trend. The Norwegians are pointing to heavy harvesting due to sealice and assuming that they will see reduced volumes and higher prices in the Spring – but as usual they never look at demand, only supply. Losing market in France is a disaster for them, traditionally it is the strongest one. I personally believe we could be in for a low pricing period of at least a year.

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