standing salmon biomass

Salmon biomass for the Atlantics in Norway

Salmon biomass is a monthly figure presented by Sjømat Norge and Kontali and one of the most important indicators on medium term and long term harvest quantities.

Salmon biomass – month by month

Next, I present the Atlantic salmon biomass, month by month, since 2013. By hovering the mouse over the chart it will be possible to see the total biomass for each and every month.

Because of the variation in sea water temperatures during the year, the total standing biomass in Europe has a S-curve, which is at its lowest in May/June and at its peak in October. The Norwegian industry is focused on minimizing the natural fluctuations as license constraints put a limit to how much biomass can be in sea at the peak of the year.

A report on the Atlantic salmon biomass in Norway is published once a month by Sjømat Norge and Kontali (between 20th and the 30th in the month).

How does the concept of maximum allowed biomass (MAB) work? And how is it utilised throughout Norway? I show this next and the salmon biomass data is from the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries (published every month).

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