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Fish Pool and forward salmon prices

Fish Pool forward salmon price expectation

Looking beyond the next week, the Fish Pool forward prices is commonly used as an indicator of future prices. We show how the full year contracts have developed.

For expected prices in 2015, it is more relevenat to look at the monthly and quarterly contracts further below.


Here is how the salmon price for the next four quarters have developed.


Finally, we show how the contract prices for the next three months.



MySalmon’s readers also like to share their views on the salmon price.  Currently they see the salmon price in 2016 at 40.8 NOK per kg.

Here is how the Fish Pool and MySalmon forward price expectation for 2016 has developed.


Remember that EUR is the most important currency for Norwegian salmon prices.

What do you believe the salmon price will be in 2016?

Go ahead: vote on the right side of the screen and see the results!

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