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Fish health: sea lice – PD – mortality – escapes

Fish health is more described on this page. Sea lice and PD levels could negatively impact the salmon’s appetite and growth and increase cost/kg and result in less volumes.

Data on sea lice are published on a weekly basis by Levels normally troughs in May/June and peaks in the fall. Remember that the max limit is 0.5 lice per fish (yellow line).

Sea lice and treatments – 5  key reasons to pay attention
  1. One prerequisite for growth in Norway is that farmers keep sea lice levels below 0.10.
  2. Another prerequisite for growth is that the average number of treatments (using chemicals) must be kept at a maximum of 2.
  3. Sea lice is a health indicator. High parasite levels could negatively impact growth and cost/kg.
  4. Potentially, high lice levels could result in forced harvesting and less volumes.
  5. The sea lice parasites could also harm the stocks of wild salmon and sea trout

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