Fresh food promotions: Carrefour, Aldi, Lidl…

Europe is the largest market for Norwegian salmon. More than half of Atlantic salmon supply goes to retailers like Carrefour, Metro and Aldi. But does retail promote salmon? And how do retail shelve prices compare to prices of other proteins like beef steak, pork fillet and chicken fillet?

Ranking and promotion of salmon in Carrefour etc.

Based on weekly information from French, German and Spanish  discount stores and larger supermarkets, this is the current ranking of seafood versus other fresh groups of animal proteins.

This is the ranking of seafood in French discount stores like Lidl and Aldi and larger supermarkets, like Carrefour. Fresh salmon products like the salmon fillet and the the salmon side fillet with skin are among the two most popular products to promote in France.

It is interesting to see what salmon products French retail is promoting and also how the price compares other seafoods and meats like chicken, beef, pork and lamb.

Based on this week’s promotion in magazines, this  is the current ranking of seafood in German discount stores and larger supermarkets. The main fresh salmon product promoted normally the “lachsfilet” (fillet), the salmon side fillet with skin and the salmon chops.  


In Germany, promoted meat products are much cheaper than “lachsfilet”, i.e chicken and pork fillets.

Based on this week’s promotion in magazines, this is the current ranking of seafood in Spanish discount stores and larger supermarkets, like Carrefour. In Spain, retail is promoting fresh salmon as fillets and as chops. The salmon fillet is among the more expensive seafood product promoted. 


In Spain, promoted meat products like chicken and pork sells at a big discount to the salmon.

50% of salmon in Europe is sold through retail

In the EU, more than half of the Atlantic salmon supply is sold through retailers, like Carrefour, Netto, Aldi and Lidl. It is popular with retailers as it is produced in a controlled environment and is stable in supply throughout the year. Of the different products, fillets have a largest market share of close to 50%, followed by smoked. In Europe, France and Germany are the largest markets.

Compared to other major food sources containing animal protein, salmon has become relatively cheaper during the last decades, but as the above charts show it is still a rather expensive product in the shelves (source: Marine Harvest Handbook).

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